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Monopoly Slots: The popular party game as an automaton

Certainly, inventors Elizabeth Magic and Charles Darrow would not have dreamed in 1933 that their parlor game would become a video slot. There are now Monopoly in 37 languages and over 103 countries. It is therefore not surprising that online casinos free slots no deposit required uk have also discovered the game for themselves. This slot comes with a variety of features such as a wheel of fortune and free spin bonus rounds. Here you can play Monopoly for free and without registration. I also explain when it comes to payouts of profits. At the end, I’ll also show you where to play the best and safest online with real money 25 euro ohne einzahlung casino.


The gameplay of Super Monopoly Money

Super Monopoly Money is a pretty classic video slot machine. 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines make for high profits here. There are also some features and a bonus game. You must always play with 25 lines, with stakes varying from $ 0.01 to $ 3. For the total bet then comes a feature bet on top, which again amounts to € 0.10 up to € 30. So amounts between 0.35 € and 105 € can be used in this game. From my point of view, both beginners and high rollers will get their money’s worth here.


13 different symbols make this machine for profits. Many have been borrowed from the Monopoly game, but there are no numbers or letters. The lowest profit level is the hat and the shoe. 5 identical figures bring here up to 150 € at the highest profit level. Ship and car are at the next level and grant up to € 240 if you get 5 times. A black taxi or a potty brings up to 300 € profit. With the public bus there are even up to 375 € on the highest employment level. The popular millionaire dog grants winnings of up to € 450. One level above is the driver of the taxi and the well-known Monopoly mascot. They bring you up to 600 € at 5 matches. This is only topped by the wild symbol with the eponymous inscription. Here you will receive up to € 1,500. More is only available if you receive the jackpot symbol 5 times on a line. Then there are up to € 75,000 if you play at the highest profit level.


There are some extras in the Monopoly slot. So a MM Wild symbol can appear on the 5th roller. This automatically expands to all rows, replacing all icons except the “Free Parking” icon. When you get it, high profits are the rule. The “Free Parking” icon shows a tail of a red car. When you get it, you can choose between 5 covered cards. All icons will be replaced by the uncovered icon. The bonus image with the eponymous inscription and an impressive skyline of a metropolis in the background can give you free spins. For 3 symbols there are 8 free spins, for 4 icons 10 spins and for 5 on a payline even 15 spins.


At the end you can increase your profit by the betting feature. This is a lucky wheel bonus. Just click on Mr. Monopoly and then the Wheel of Fortune sets in motion. A doubling of the profit is possible in any case. You can even get 100 times your original payout. There are also various bonus logos. When you receive them, you can reveal different cards that contain different multipliers. In the Re-spin field, the wheel of fortune moves once more and grants you a multiplier between 10 and 200. You can also buy houses and hotels here. This is offered to you irregularly in the game. The more houses and hotels you own, the higher your profits can be. However, I recommend this option only if it is a longer session, because you have to use here for the purchase of a few coins.


Conclusion: Only play in the best Monopoly Casino

I was very impressed by the graphics and above all the gameplay with the wheel of fortune. So you can secure relatively high profits with a few turns, if you try the Gamble function. You should try the Slot once, it makes sure in any case for a very diversified casino visit. Here you can easily and simply play Monopoly for free. If you like it, I’ll show you the best echoes casino for this slot. Of course I have made sure that this provider can be played legally in Germany.

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